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  • Dave Colangelo

South Florida Water Management District Team of the Month Award

The South Florida Water Management District’s Sea Level Rise and Flood Resiliency Plan Team was awarded Team of the Month, January 2024. Dave Colangelo from Earthology is a prominent member of this team. Each team member made a significant contribution to the District’s Sea Level Rise and Flood Resiliency Plan which was published on September 1, 2023. The plan, updated annually, is the District initiative to compile a comprehensive list of priority resiliency projects with the goal of reducing the risks of flooding, sea level rise, and other climate impacts on water resources and increasing community and ecosystem resiliency in South Florida. The planning process is carried out in-house, with active participation from several Bureaus.

The Plan Team produced the most comprehensive Resiliency Plan Update thus far. Contributions include chapters that identify and address vulnerabilities in the C&SF System through hydrologic modeling, nature-based solutions for reducing flood risk, ecosystem restoration projects and how they contribute to overall resiliency, water supply resiliency, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, and priority implementation project descriptions and ranking.

The 2023 Sea Level Rise and Flood Resiliency Plan will help the District reach its resiliency overall mission which includes reducing flood risk and protecting water resources while taking into consideration anticipated future climate conditions, vulnerable populations and infrastructure, ongoing ecosystem restoration efforts and innovative nature-based solutions, while leveraging partnerships and public engagement. This plan would not be possible without the valuable contributions of each team member listed here.

The SFWMD Sea Level Rise and Flood Resiliency Plan can be found at the following link:



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