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Earthology Employee Assists in ORCA Citizen Science

ORCA's Land to Sea Citizen Science Project posted on YouTube.

In this video, Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA) speaks about their Land to Sea Citizen Science Project and the problems with turf grass and how it allows storm water to run-off into the Indian River Lagoon. For this project, ORCA staff and volunteers replaced the lawn near a seawall with salt-tolerant, native Florida plants that will reduce run-off from this homeowner's backyard into the lagoon. Buffered shorelines are a restoration effort to help reduce pollutants from entering waterways. After buffered shorelines are installed, ORCA citizen scientists will monitor the amount of runoff to record the success of the buffer. Earthology’s Environmental Technician Alyssa Cavanaugh volunteered her time to help ORCA create their first homeowner site.

Earthology likes to partner with local organizations that are complimentary to our missions of fostering environmental stewardship and conserving biodiversity. Any full-time Earthology employee will be paid for up to 8 hours a week on approved environmental projects. It is one way Earthology strives to improve local communities, conduct outreach, and create an enriching and unique work environment.

For more information on ORCA, what they do, or how you can get involved in their many citizen science programs, including their Land to Sea initiative, visit


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