Our Vision

Earthology has an entire Environmental Awareness program, which is dedicated to creating an entire generation of environmental stewards.  Our public education and awareness goals have directed us to develop several students interns programs, public education and awareness workshops, training and environmental education and field education programs.  Our team is comprised of several Ph.D., who are professors and adjuncts in various universities across the country.  We partner frequently with universities for governmental research and innovative science and technology services.  


We are in the process of creating an awareness of this planet and its ecosystems amongst each and every one that is willing to listen and learn. Our vision is that one day, business can be about restoring the planet, planting trees, recreating forests and wetlands, improving water quality within our rivers and oceans, improving habitats for humans and wildlife.  

We hope that one day, the richest person in the world will be the one that planted the most trees.  We are dedicated to our cause, and we work on such projects and we strive everyday to make our vision a reality.